Vision & Mission

Research, design, production … In the way of these simple but important principles, MAP promises brand-specific basic solutions that are provided by continuous communication with the customer. With this purpose, we produce real and clear solutions from the planning and delivery to the needs of our customers thanks to our experienced and innovative employees in every field.

One of the rules of our company is that we create a team of experienced customer representatives for each new customer. We made sure that the requirements of the customer is well defined and other departments can quickly integrate and move with these requirements to proceed smoothly until the end of the process.
We act as part of the customer whether the customer needs to produce the sample manually or whether a new collection to be developed by the MAP design team.

We bring together the fabric manufacturer and the customer at the MAP Office to make design and product presentations.

 The only thing that doesn’t change in this process is high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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